Karen Poorman

Sales Manager

Hi! I am the sales manager at USA Label Express. I have worked in the label/marketing industry for 30+ years. My father (Brent Helwig) opened the label company in our small house located in Cleveland, Ohio in the early 70’s. We all pitched in and helped stick labels on mailers and, if you can remember back that far, we also reconditioned handheld price markers. (For the younger generation Google it!) So, from an early age I have learned great work ethics and a lot of different aspects of business. At sixteen I worked my summers in the office as a secretary. After graduating high school I worked full time in the office.

I can remember ushering in the revolutionary fax machine and the early desktop computers. We thought we were so cutting edge! They both came with instruction manuals that were about 6” thick. I think Connie is still reading it… I have had the delight to work with a lot of the same people over the years.

Label products have changed, but we still pride ourselves in the values that my father instilled in us. Do it right, do it fast and never promise what you can’t deliver. If I can assist you with labels or promotional products feel free to contact me.

phone: 330.340.7641

e-mail: karenusalabel@gmail.com

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